Infectious Disease

Combining our simple workflow with robustness to variation improves the power of viral surveillance.

Infectious disease research

Society has been burdened with infectious disease outbreaks for centuries, and each time, we learn more. Smallpox taught us that eradication is possible with widespread vaccination and immunity. COVID-19 showed us the power of viral surveillance in tracking the spread of disease. Next generation sequencing (NGS) has become an invaluable tool to study and survey emerging pathogens that impact public health.


Simple, scalable, high quality viral surveillance tools

Molecular Loop’s target enrichment technology is uniquely equipped to capture rapidly mutating viruses. Our redundant probe tiling strategy allows for the detection of emerging variants while alleviating the concern for allelic dropouts seen in other enrichment technologies. This excellent data quality is paired with a 4-step workflow making our solution easy to implement and scale for PacBio and Illumina sequencers. We have removed workflow complexity so more focus can be placed on the data than the lab work needed to generate them.

Simple Workflow for DNA and RNA inputs

4-step workflow with only 75 minutes of hands-on time

Reverse transcriptase is included for the conversion of viral RNA to cDNA, in a step that seamlessly integrates with probe annealing. No bead washes and 4 simple steps makes the workflow easy to implement manually or with automation.

Overlapping amplicons provide redundant coverage protecting against allelic dropouts

Every targeted region is covered by multiple probes with non-overlapping priming sites. This strand-specific tiling approach mitigates the potential impacts of new or uncharacterized variants that may lead to uneven coverage or allelic dropouts in PCR and hybrid capture based methods.

Molecular Loop tiling

Molecular Loop offers off-the-shelf panels that can get you off to a quick start

All panels provide comprehensive coverage of the viral genome and are available for PacBio or Illumina platforms. Contact us for ordering information or if you don’t find what you are looking for!

SARS-CoV-2 Research Panel: 30 kb genome covered by 950+ probes

Monkeypox Research Panel: 197 kb genome covered by 7800+ probes

Influenza A / B Research Panel: 13 kb genomes covered by 700+ probes (Illumina), 500+ probes (PacBio)

Adenovirus Research Panel: 35 kb genome covered by 1350+ probes

Marburg Research Panel: 19 kb genome covered by 600+ probes

Ebola Research Panel: 18 kb genome covered by 600+ probes