Simple, elegant NGS

Perfected by next generation sequencing experts with deep roots in high-throughput clinical testing, our LoopCap™ technology is a no-compromise solution for NGS applications.

Finally, targeted sequencing doesn’t have to be complicated.

Targeted sequencing like you’ve
never seen before

Tired of having to choose between throughput and high-quality results in your target capture workflows?
Now you don’t have to.

Simple Workflow

 4-step workflow with minimum hands-on time that can be completed in a single day

High-quality data

High-quality variant and copy number calls

Easy Customization

Custom NGS panels that don’t require optimization

See how LoopCap™ can transform your targeted NGS workflow

Accelerate your work with our simple, automation-friendly workflow

Don’t make a major automation investment to scale up your target capture process without talking to us first.

If you’re just getting started with targeted sequencing or looking to scale up, our molecular inversion probe technology will lower barriers, getting you up and running faster.

Custom NGS panels targeted to your needs

Reproductive genetics
Research panels
Inherited disorders
Cell-free applications

See what's under the hood

Our patented LoopCap™ technology was developed through years of experience with next-generation sequencing-based clinical applications. Our goal was to combine the simplicity and throughput of amplicon-based workflows with the high data quality of hybrid capture libraries. Whether using Illumina or PacBio sequencers,  Molecular Loop’s targeting chemistry does just that.

Molecular Loop enrichment chemistry