Simple, yet refined targeted sequencing

Combining powerful target capture with an easy-to-use, automation-friendly workflow, for unparalleled results.

The better alternative to hybrid capture or amplicon technology

Finally, you don’t have to compromise.

Hybrid capture library prep kits provide rich data quality, but complicated and lengthy protocols that are hard to automate make this technology difficult to implement in many laboratories.  On the other hand, amplicon-based enrichment kits provide easier workflows and faster turnaround times, but suffer from poor coverage that can result in allelic dropouts and lead to compromised data. 


Get the benefits of both.

The Molecular Loop enrichment chemistry is the result of a decades-long refinement of the molecular inversion probe (MIP) approach. It delivers better performance with a simpler workflow, providing the perfect balance of hybrid capture- and amplicon-based target enrichment benefits. The automation-friendly workflow is perfect for labs interested in developing scalable and high-throughput capabilities.

Simplicity in a 4-step NGS workflow

DNA to sequencer in 1 day

The Molecular Loop target capture chemistry is comprised of only 4 steps whether you start with DNA or RNA. The MIPs are customized to bind with extreme specificity to your target of interest and UDIs are standard. No quantification within the workflow. No individual bead cleanups. A simple addition-only protocol.

Removing workflow complexity reduces error potential

Molecular Loop Kit box and reagents

Typical hybrid capture reagents come in 4 boxes that require different storage conditions and thawing times. Our kit has only 4 components that are easy to manage. 

Whether using off-the-shelf or custom panels, colored master mixes allow for a quick, visual QC, and fewer touchpoints in the short 75 minutes of hands-on time means: 

  • Less labor
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Fewer chances to introduce error

There’s nothing more important than data quality

Molecular Loop provides high coverage, high uniformity, and high confidence results

High uniformity, even in difficult regions

Due to the high degree of secondary structure, 5′ and 3′ untranslated regions (UTRs) can be problematic for some sequencing platforms.

Molecular Loop provides high coverage in difficult-to-sequence genomic regions, even those with high secondary structure or homopolymeric regions.
Molecular Loop high uniformity

50-100x coverage, consistently

Our panels offer 100x coverage across >99% of bases, even when using our shortened, 4-hour hybridization protocol.

High-confidence results start with high coverage – and we have you covered.

Molecular Loop high coverage

Accurate data from overlapped tiled amplicons

Every targeted region is covered by multiple probes with non-overlapping priming sites. This strand-specific tiling approach mitigates the potential impacts of new or uncharacterized variants that may lead to uneven coverage or allelic dropouts in PCR and hybrid capture based methods.

Molecular Loop tiling